What is SETAC?

Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance Contract (SETAC) 2010 is a performance-based acquisition which satisfies recurring requirements for systems engineering and technical assistance for USASMDC/ARSTRAT and other associated defense organizations in support of their various air, space, missile defense, homeland security/homeland defense, warfighter, and cyber missions as they are defined by Higher Headquarters, Congress, and the Department of Defense.  The goal of these services is to ensure timely, energetic, and cost effective outcomes in the development of technologies and capabilities for defense against evolving threats; to coordinate all technology base development to maximize benefits for strategic and theater missile defense and air/space technology programs; and, to ensure programs are in statutory and regulatory compliance.  These recurring support requirements have been categorized into the nine functional area requirements stated below, which form the basis of the need for this effort.  Note that the required support in these areas do not involve inherently governmental functions.

  • Programmatic and Business Initiatives;
  • Requirements Definition, Analysis, Integration, and Planning;
  • Concept Development and Assessment;
  • Program/Project Analysis and Assessment;
  • Threat Estimation and Projection;
  • Weapons Lethality, Survivability, Electronic Warfare and Kill Assessment and Effects Estimation;
  • Engineering and Analysis Support to Assess Technology, Models, Simulations and Prototype;
  • Logistics Assessment; and
  • Environmental, Treaty and Security Compliance.

The business arrangement for this effort is a multiple award IDIQ task ordering arrangement with a program-level ceiling value of $997,000,000 shared among nine prime contract awardees. The total of all task orders awarded, inclusive of all prime contract awardees, will not exceed this ceiling value.  Multiple contract types will be used with the specific type determined at the task order level, considering the nature of the requirement. The authorized task order types will include Firm-Fixed-Price (FFP) and Cost-Plus-Fixed-Fee (CPFF). CPFF task orders may be issued on either a level-of-effort (LOE) or completion basis.