Our Team

We methodically selected our Team guided by our core values: putting customers first, delivering unparalleled and innovative performance, and recruiting and retaining qualified and experienced people who regularly exceed customer expectations. In our selection process, we assessed potential subcontractors for leading-edge technical capabilities and direct experience with USASMDC/ARSTRAT characterized by the ability to enhance the overall contract performance. Technical diversity and capability to cover all areas of the PWS was a key factor in our search – we sought firms that provide engineering and analysis, programmatics, and specialty support such as logistics, environmental, and treaty and security compliance. Geographic presence at key locations such as Huntsville, AL, Washington, DC, Ft. Monroe, VA and Colorado Springs, CO was taken into account. We placed emphasis on small business and academia, which comprise 72.7% of our Team. Many of the companies on our Team currently support USASMDC/ARSTRAT on SETAC. Our entire team is committed to continuing responsive customer support and executing a seamless transition to the SETAC 2010 contract.

The Joint Venture Partners
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