Our PM

Warfighter Solutions is pleased to have Mr. Paul Freeman as the SETAC 2010 Program Manager.  Mr. Freeman has over 15 years of experience managing contracts similar to the complexity of SETAC 2010 during his 40 years of involvement in air, space, and missile defense activities. Mr. Freeman brings proven relevant management experience as PM on three previous SETAC contracts. He was the PM of the Computer Sciences Corporation SETAC 97 contract; the Dynetics, CAS, and Davidson SETAC 02 contract; and the Dynetics, Millennium, and Davidson SETAC 07 contract. Recently, he was the President and PM for the ASC MiDAESS small-business set-aside contract for FCG 2, Acquisition Support. His significant technical and PM managerial experience and his expertise in managing large IDIQ contracts similar in scope and complexity to SETAC 2010 make him the ideal PM for our team.

Please contact Mr. Freeman if you have any questions regarding Warfighter Solutions, LLC or becoming a teammate with our Joint Venture.