About Us

Warfighter Solutions is a Joint Venture (JV) created for the sole purpose of becoming a prime contractor for the System Engineering and Technical Assistance Contract 2010 (SETAC 2010).  It is composed of three Huntsville, Alabama companies with a tradition of technical, engineering, and programmatic support to the U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command/Army Forces Strategic Command (USASMDC/ARSTRAT).

Warfighter Solutions, LLC was created by Davidson Technologies, Inc. (DTI), a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) as the Managing Venturer; ALATEC, Inc., a SDVOSB; and PeopleTec, Inc., a Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB).  These three companies bring corporate and individual experience of the USASMDC/ARSTRAT mission; an understanding of the needs for a flexible team to respond quickly to the evolving space and missile defense environment; broad capability, low risk performance and low risk – low pass through rates; and proven systems to manage and control all aspects of the prime/subcontract organization to ensure successful support of the multi-customer, multi-task SETAC program. In particular, the JV members possess an extensive knowledge of subcontractor management. For example, DTI’s in-depth experience in the management of teams ensures that any potential risk is mitigated.  And, when combined with the proven processes, policies, and systems contained in DTI’s approved Contractor Purchasing System Review (CPSR) system, a DTI-led JV is the obvious choice for the effective management of large, high-visibility programs such as SETAC 2010.

Three Small Businesses with Commitment to and Resources for the PM To Operate and Manage SETAC 2010

The organizational structure of Warfighter Solutions is shown here. DTI, ALATEC, and PeopleTec are the Partners of the JV, with DTI being the Managing Venturer. Each Partner is committed to the success of the JV and SETAC 2010 contract performance. They are providing financial, personnel, and infrastructure resources to Warfighter Solutions as needed for successful operation and management of the JV and contract.

DTI selected Mr. Paul Freeman as the Program Manager (PM) for the SETAC 2010 contract. Mr. Freeman brings proven relevant management experience as PM on three previous SETAC contracts. He was the PM of the Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) SETAC 97 contract; the Dynetics, CAS, and Davidson (DCD) SETAC 02 contract; and the Dynetics, Millennium, and Davidson (DMD) SETAC 07 contract. In addition, Mr. Freeman was the PM for the Acquisition Solutions Corporation LLC JV (ASC) MiDAESS Functional Capability Group 2 small-business set-aside.  Each of these contracts was managed by unpopulated JVs, for which Mr. Freeman was the President, similar to the Warfighter Solutions JV.

During Mr. Freeman’s tenure at DCD, he managed the SETAC 02 contract with over 100 task orders, 50+ being executed simul­taneously, with annual rev­enue of over $35 million. While at DMD, he managed approx­imately 60 task orders simul­taneous on the SETAC 07 contract with annual revenue of over $60 Million while formally closing out SETAC 02 task orders.  Mr. Freeman reports to the President and Chief Operating Officer of DTI, Mr. Doug Bryant.  Mr. Bryant has given Mr. Freeman full authority to operate and manage the SETAC 2010 contract in accordance with the JV Oper­ating Agreement.  He is the Warfighter Solutions’ primary Point of Contact with USASMDC/ARSTRAT for SETAC 2010.  Mr. Bryant has committed DTI resources to Warfighter Solu­tions for contracting, subcontracting, finance, accounting, security, facilities, and other infrastructure needs. Warfighter Solutions is housed in the DTI facility at 530 Discovery Drive, Huntsville, Alabama.

Except for Mr. Freeman, who is assigned full-time to manage the SETAC 2010 contract, all other DTI personnel will provide staff support to Warfighter Solutions on an “as needed” basis, charging only the time spent on Warfighter Solutions work. This efficient, effective, and low-cost approach to managing and controlling the contract enables a very low-cost operation that allows more customer dollars for use on task support. Non-value added management layers do not exist between Mr. Freeman and corporate management.